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Information Page

Pop Star Party 2 hours


Up to 8 guests including the birthday girl or boy (Age 8+)

Current Price £150
£15 per extra child  - recommended up to a 12 max (happy to discuss if you need more guests)  

The Pop Star Party includes:
• Party Host to welcome you and your guests and guide you through your recording party.

• Vocal warm-up with professionally trained Party Host / Vocal Coach

• (Optional) Fun singing games to help make your guests feel at ease.

• Studio recording time with professional studio technician and one of our Studio Dr Team Party Hosts.  Professionally trained to advise and guide your party guests through their singing and recording experience.

• For those guests with confidence we can break the songs up into sections so that each of your guests get a moment to shine or we can get groups of children singing together as works best for you and your guests.

• Recording your favourite song with up to 8 guests including the birthday girl or boy. Whether you have time to record and master more than one song will be assessed on recording progression during the party.

• (optional) Disco Fun. Have some more party fun dancing to music in our live room studio whilst our technician mixes and masters your CD 

• (optional) Watch our studio technician in the control room work his mixing magic as he finalises your mastered CD recording.

• Receive a professionally mastered CD for the birthday Girl/Boy to take home.

• (optional) Other CDs for your guest are available for purchase for an additional £3 each.

  • Add £10 to receive a microphone necklace or inflatable microphone for each of your guests.