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Looking After Your Voice

Many teachers of singing talk about warming up the voice for healthy singing, however cooling down the voice is important too!

In an interview with Tori Burnay as a part of the British Voice Association Rock The Stage event, (principle Speech and Language Therapist in voice at Guys and St Thomas Foundation Hospitals) who works with a large number of singers and performers with vocal problems. She gave her specialist opinion on the importance of ‘getting back to neutral'. She talked about the muscular effort, high larynx and tongue, high subglottic pressure and high torso and neck support involved in singing rock, especially up to 8 shows a week back to back. She explained the importance of warming down the voice to recover more quickly and prevent further phonotrauma. Research shows that Resonant Voice Therapy (humming) was the most efficient way of warming down over normal spontaneous speech or total voice rest. A good vocal warm down, she described, can include sirens to ‘n’, ‘ng’, ‘m’ ‘vv’ ‘zz’ or lip trills and gentle glottal pops. She also pointed out the importance of winding down with body stretching, shoulder rolls, head turns, spine stretching. In between two shows, she advised tongue root exercises, neck and shoulder stretching and gentle humming. She emphasised the importance of vocal care and the benefits of inhaling steam.

It is important as a speaker and singer to look after your voice. Here are some wise tips from RONNI in line with advise from the British Voice Association.

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