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On this page you will find a collection of training DVDs & streaming downloads, and any current training events we are running relating to the voice.


RONNI as an ambassador for the Vocal Process works closely with internationally renowned vocal consultants and authors Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher.  In these videos, they show you voice training exercises you can use to improve your own voice, in your own time.   Discover the vocal techniques that have taken singers to leads in the West End, on Broadway and on film, taught step by step on these DVDs & streaming downloads.    


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Constriction & Release (Streaming)
Nasality & Soft Palate (Streaming)
4 Voice Training DVDs Set (Stream)
Twang The Techniques (Streaming)
Voicebox Videos (Streaming)
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Belting Explained DVD
Learn how to belt when singing. Belting explained DVD. Vocal Process.
Constriction & Release DVD
Using Twang - The Techniques DVD
Nasality & The Soft Palate DVD
4 Voice Training DVDs SET
Voicebox Videos on DVD
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